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Here lives a few selected sims that are adventurous enough to seek a new home somewhere. Can you give that to them?

If you find anything wrong with the sims or if you want to tell me anythin else, please tell me using mail: vidde_hemsta@yahoo.com or ICQ#4868453.


Image of Sim

This is a sim of me!

I thought you all couldn't wait to put me in your game and... I don't know what you want to do! Maybe you want to kill me in various ways... Well... go ahead... as long as we are only talking about the sim in the game!

The hair is another recolor of that XM-sims hair. This time I think I got it right!

The eyes is the grey version of my light freckles eyes. [Directlink to file]

The top included on this sim is a version of one of my fauvorite tops.

Now, enjoy! ...I think... =)


Image of Sim

This is a girl i used in one of my stories. Sorry, the story is in swedish, but you can still get the lead character; Sandra.

She really isn't anything fancy, wich is kind of my point in the story, but she does have a heart of gold, and wishes everyone to be happy.

Now for the techno-stuff:
* The hair is from XM-sims
* The eyes are part of my Genetic Freckles set

The skin and T-shirt is by me, and the trousers are Maxis responsibility. =)

The drow in the background is responsible for the fire, but not included in this download.


Image of Sim

Deep in the forrest lives a magical people. They live in symbiosis in and with the trees. They see as their life-purpose to protect life. This is Quelyarië. She sees to that all that needs nurturing gets it.

Hairmesh can be found over here
The dress is from here
The necklace and earrings is made by Dr Pixel. To download the mesh, klick sims2->accessories.

Oh, I almost forgot about the sparkles!


Image of Sim

Paranwë is Quelyarië's twinsister. She is responsible for giving light to those who needs it. She even appears in dreams, giving hope when none seems to be given elsewhere...

The dress Paranwë is wearing is the same mesh as Velina's. In fact they are sharing a lot more than you would think! The hairmesh is also the same.

The eyes are part of a set made by me. You can find the whole set here


Image of Sim

The third sister is not known by the other two. She is a manifestation of darkness, evilness and selfishness. She has an important role to play in the world, but all can not see it.

Hairmesh is here

The dress is a recolor of the one found here, I think. It really was not easy to find the right one. The original recolor is here, I just changed the color a bit.

The necklace and earrings is made by Dr Pixel. To download the mesh, klick sims2->accessories.


Image of Sim

Velina's halfbrother has never seen the light of the surface world. He lives deep in the caves below...

Hairmesh is here

Clothes are a quick recolor of the ones found here



Previously I have been told that my drow pictures are a bit dark. This is actually how they will appear in your game, if you put a lot of lights on them. Too dark for you? Well dark elfes are a dark race... AND they are evil. My drow keep stealing everyones newspaper and garden gnomes. So you see; EVIL!

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