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Stuff for the Sims 2

Here you can find some stuff I made for the sims!

If you find anything wrong with the files or if you want to tell me anythin else (maybe you have a request?), please tell me using vidde_hemsta@yahoo.com or ICQ#4868453!

To get all this stuff to work, just unzip the files and put the package files in your download catalog. The path usually look something like this: C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\My documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads

Svensk instruktion:
Öppna upp zip-filerna och lägg filerna som slutar på .package i downloads-mappen. Sökvägen till den ser vanligtvis ut ungefär såhär: C:\Documents and Settings\Dittanvändarnamn\My documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads
Eller så hittar du den i "mina dokument"->"The sims 2"->"downloads"

Creative Commons License

Hair like Vidde's...

...atleast that was the thought. But one is to long, and the other is waay to messy! =) but I think it turned out kinda cute. Don't you?

The hairmesh is by xm-sims. Thank you for making wonderful meshes! Note: the mesh is NOT included, and you NEED it to get this to work in the game!

The plan is to upload a self-sim soon... But I want it to be perfekt! Here is some hair, atleast.

More elvish looking outerwear

What do you do when you have sims that look weird wearing modern clothes, yet Maxis didn't give us any medieval/elvish/whatever outerwear? I made some clothes that at least won't look strange on an elvish sim when snow comes! This is for the adults.

Manga Eyes

Weird, huh? =)

Freckle eyes... without freckles!

This is the eyes I used for the Genetic Freckles set. Without the freckles! You can download them both as default (overrides the old boring Maxis ones) or regular custom eyes. Enjoy!

Genetic Freckles

I found myself not wanting to add freckles to my ingame born sims. And why should I have to determine any genetics? So I made these eyes that also affects the face. Makeup will cover the freckles, so don't worry about that!

I have to thank Helaene, because I used the alpha from her freckle blush to make the light freckles, and a somewhat modified version of the same alpha for the more distinctive freckles. This is because I havent quite got the hang of frecklemaking. Thank you Helaene for this excellent alpha!

Pirate collection for adult sims

I am a big fan of the Pirate Bay, and I am a member of the swedish Pirate Party. I wanted my sims to be pirates as well, so here is my adult collection of pirate t-shirts!
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